Product: Turning


The QUICK TURN SMART 100 S CNC Turning Center combines productivity, high-accuracy, and high-reliability, while providing high performance and unsurpassed production value for small to medium-sized parts.

The machine is equipped with the conversational SMART CNC system for easy operation and programming plus high reliability. Additionally, the CNC system can utilize both EIA/ISO format program codes and conversational programming.

The machine features the new Mazak MX Hybrid Roller Guide System, which dampen vibration to extend tool life, handles higher load capacities, accelerates and decelerates quicker to shorten cycle times, consumes less oil for “Greener” operations, and lasts longer with less required maintenance.


  • High accuracy and rigidity
  • Fast axis feed rates
  • Highly rigid integrated spindle/motor
  • Programmable servo-driven tailstock
  • Non-lift drum turret for quick indexing
  • Enhanced operability and visibility
  • User-friendly SMART CNC control
  • Environmentally smart design
  • Tool Eye for automatic tool measurement and compensation


Specification 中心距 - 300U mm
加工能力 最大回转直径 580 mm / 22.83 in
最大加工直径 280 mm / 11.020 in
最大棒材加工能力 (受卡盘影响) 52 mm / 2.1 in
最大加工长度 310 mm / 12.200 in
主轴 卡盘尺寸 6 in
最大转速 6000 rpm
电机功率 (30 分钟额定) 11 kw / 15.0 hp
上刀塔 刀具数量 12
进给轴 行程(X轴) 200 mm / 7.87 in
行程(Z轴) 340 mm / 13.39 in