Product: Vertical


The VERTICAL TRAVELING COLUMN (VTC) 300C Vertical Machining Center features a powerful 40 Taper spindle, full traveling column design and fixed table for machining of extremely long and heavy workpieces. Or with a table center partition the machine work envelop can be transformed into two separate work areas that allow the machine to be in cycle in one work area, while a part is being set up in the other work area. The machine also delivers fast rapid traverse rates to reduce non-cut times.


  • Long fixed table design
  • Optional table partition available
  • Standard 12,000-rpm CAT 40-taper spindle
  • 1,181 ipm rapid traverse rate
  • 24-tool (48 optional) storage capacity
  • Automatic tool changer
  • Maximum table load of 3,300 lbs.


Specification Values
加工能力 工作台长度(左右) 2000 mm / 78.740 in
工作台宽度(前后) 760 mm / 30.000 in
主轴 主轴锥度 40
最大转速 12000 rpm
电机功率 (30 分钟额定) 11 kw / 15.0 hp
刀库 刀具数量 24
进给轴 行程(X轴) 1660 mm / 65.35 in
行程(Y轴) 760 mm / 30.00 in
行程(Z轴) 660 mm / 26.00 in